Chippy – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs and credits at the end.

Singer Sachin Balu – who sang that beauty called Kisa Paathiyil last year – turns composer with one half of Chippy’s soundtrack. First of his two songs is a charming folksy ditty titled Maarivillukale, written by Ramesh Kavil. The apparent processing in Sooryagayathri’s voice is a bit off putting, but there is no doubting the young singer’s singing prowess. Sachin’s second song is a more richly orchestrated qawwali-esque Munthirichaarum. Composer makes lovely use of instruments like harmonium, esraj, shehnai etc in the song that takes me back to Vidyasagar’s Enthe Innum Vanneela, possibly for the faint shade of desh raga that appears occasionally, or the general mehfil-type setting, or the fact that it is P Jayachandran singing this one as well. Very nice listen, anyway, and Sachin does a singing cameo too in the second interlude, with a lovely classical improvisation.

The movie’s other composer, Roshan Haris (presumably a debutant too) also begins with a kids’ song. The effervescent Nilakkadalayum Korichirikkana has Sreya Jayadeep delivering Ramesh Kavil’s well-written childish fancies. His other song features another veteran singer – K S Chithra. Chithra unsurprisingly nails the classically nuanced pensive piece called Kadal Shankhinullil, while Roshan on his part supports her with a wonderful (again Hindustani-flavoured) arrangement. Apart from these four songs that make up the official soundtrack, the movie has also had a promo song, Kashtappettitta Kaashundaakye. Simple song with rather offbeat lines that seem to be a light-hearted meta reference at the movie itself, written and composed by Vijesh K V (who also sings it alongside Kabani and a kids’ chorus) – nicely done.

Chippy. Impressive debut from all the three composers involved.

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

Top Recos: Maarivillukale, Kadal Shankhinullil, Kashtappettitta Kaashundaakye

Additional Musician Credits

Tabla – Roshan Haris

Flute – Rajesh Cherthala, Jayan Eyyakkad

All songs programmed by Sachin Balu

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