Chakkaramaavin Kombathu – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs at the end.

Composer Bijibal himself sings the melodic Ala Njoriyana where his skill at creating charming retro folk-flavoured pieces comes to the fore (not as yesteryear as his other recent tracks though, this one). While lyricist Tony Chittettukalam’s (also the movie’s director) lines are replete with suitably earthy phrases, the song’s highlight is its arrangement where the composer features a fine array of instruments – the flute and strings in particular used exceptionally. Even in Mele Maanathu it is the composer’s orchestration – this time a smart mix of western and native flavours – that props up the uneven melody, delivered well by singer Subha. Rafeeq Ahammed pens the soundtrack’s third song – the sprightly kids’ track Manjaniyum that has a familiar tune but works due to its energy levels, accentuated by the percussion dominating the backdrop. The singers, Dev Dutt Bijibal and Sreya Jayadeep (good to see the young lady’s name more frequently of late, she holds much promise) too do a fine job on their part.

Chakkaramaavin Kombathu. Long movie title, but very short soundtrack – another one from recent times lasting under ten minutes. That quibble aside, engaging stuff from Bijibal.

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

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