Movie Reviews

Another small step..

Being judgmental is easy. As you just might have noticed, we are used to being judgmental about music. However, we realized it’s so easy- after all, it’s just our opinion, which comes free (usually)- that we decided to be judgmental about movies as well. As all noble ventures go, once the decision was made, everything quickly fell into place, and here we are. Whether the movie make you laugh(or cry) or introspect or plain want to run out of the hall, we plan to sit through it and tell you what we think of it.

A word about the authors:

Hrishikesh Varma – by lineage of noble affiliation, by qualities quite comprehensively the opposite – blogs here when not busy working or traipsing across to some part of the country to attend, and in many cases win, some quiz. He encourages blasphemy as long as it doesn’t concern The Beatles, Stanley Kubrick, Marlon Brando or Mohanlal. You can find him on twitter as darthvarma.

Vinay Charaniya – is a close friend from IIML. Was in the business of selling newspapers for the past one year, got tired of it and switched to selling paint recently. Given his passion for movies and the ability to be verbose (even when there is nothing to write about!) movie reviews came naturally to the man. So if he doesn’t let his famed laziness get over him, you will see more reviews from Vinay here. He tweets as @VinayCharaniya