Udta Punjab – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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Amit Trivedi’s interpretation of late poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s Ikk Kudi comes in two versions. The rock-flavoured reprise version that came out a few days back has a decent arrangement but comes across sounding fairly ordinary, largely due to Diljit Dosanjh’s singing. It is in the lighter main version of the track that the composer really manages to convey the beauty in his melody. Shahid Mallya’s delivery is soulful as it could get, and the guitar-led arrangement (Sanjoy Das’ trademark riffs and Rushad Mistry’s bass) completes the feel. Shahid Mallya along with Bhanu Pratap represents the engaging bit of Chitta Ve as well – the song’s extended prelude led by Babu Haabi’s rap is just ok when compared to the trippy bit that hits you with the folky main melody, especially that Udta Punjab hook! Where Shahid Mallya produces his absolute best is in the qawwali-styled Hass Nachle, as he renders Shellee’s verse to a tee with an able chorus and harmonium-dominated (the incredible Akhlak Varsi) orchestration to boot. Not a fresh or brilliant composition by any stretch, but the singers and Varsi make it worthwhile.

Babu Haabi’s rapping is more effective in Da Da Dasse and Kanika Kapoor too does a commendable job with her singing, but it is Amit’s arrangement with its many nifty touches that will have you hooked to the track. Composer himself gets behind the mic for Vadiya, unfortunately this only helps lend the song a strong sense of familiarity that bogs it down big time. Amit however redeems himself remarkably handling the lead vocals for Ud-daa Punjab (written by guest lyricist Varun Grover), punctuated by Vishal Dadlani’s rapping. Everything is top notch in this track – the tune is wonderfully structured and the arrangement sees an incredibly imaginative combination of electronic and folk elements (excellent use of the folk strings)!

First Fitoor, now Udta Punjab. 2016 is turning out to be very good for Amit Trivedi!

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Ud-daa Punjab, Ikk Kudi, Da Da Dasse

Full Credits

Programmed by : Amit Trivedi
Additional Programming : Gourab Dutta
Programming : Sourav Roy & Amit Trivedi (Vadiya)
Drums : Darshan Doshi (Ikk Kudi Reprised Version)
Guitar : Ankur Mukherjee (Ikk Kudi Reprised Version)
Bass Guitar : Rushad Mistry (Ikk Kudi Reprised Version)
Guitar : Sanjoy Das (Ikk Kudi)
Flute : Inapakurti D Rao (Chitta Ve)
Dhol & Percussions : Raju Sardar (Hass Nach Le)
Harmonium : Akhlak Hussain Varsi (Hass Nach Le)
Guitar : Shyamak Mukherjee (Hass Nach Le)

Backing Vocals for the song – Hass Nach Le : Shadab Faridi, Shahid Mallya, Suhas Sawant & Arun Kamath.

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