Appavum Veenjum – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

appavum veenjum posterSong jukebox at the end of the review (link via @SoundtrackIndia)

Composer Ouseppachan leads the vocals on Dhoore Dhoore that works mainly for its lounge-ish arrangement, the song tune is something you don’t really “get” until after a few listens. The interludes are particularly well done, with those mild classical touches – first one on violin and the second on accordion. Keya Pothen (Prathap Pothen’s daughter; movie debut I believe) joins in with the English bits in the second and third verses and does a fine job of it. Kavya Ajith sounds remarkably like Sithara Krishnakumar singing Nee Thira Pol, and it is she who rules the song carrying off the complex tune with finesse. The dark, at times unsettling song gets a fittingly moody arrangement dominated by piano and strings. And in trademark Ouseppachan style it features one lovely violin solo in the second interlude. The final song Karineela Kannu stands in sharp contrast to the previous songs in its lightness and conventionality of tune and is also the most appealing of the lot. The tune is simple, albeit a little heard-before (abheri raga I am guessing) and is well delivered by Veetrag.  The arrangement is also rather minimal, led by acoustic guitars. (Update: Thanks to @manascp, got to know that this was originally a light music track composed by Dakshinamoorthy, written by Sreekumar Thampi and sung by Yesudas. Ouseppachan has retained the original tune and just changed the original. Given the original rendition by Yesudas, Veetrag has done quite a lovely job I would say. The song though sounds better in its original form with all its retro beauty, and that touch of melancholy which is a little diluted here).

Ouseppachan is much less active in the industry of late, but Appavum Veenjum is proof enough that he should compose more; the man can still deliver good soundtracks.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

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