Union Farm by Madboy/Mink: Music Review (Funk/Nu Disco)

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Fresh from their debut Bollywood stint through Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, Madboy/Mink present their first original Hindi song in Union Farm called Sharaabi, incidentally an apparent nod to the yesteryear disco phase of Bollywood. The arrangement is full of tell-tale guitar and synth elements that draw from the era, even as Imaad Shah infuses the band’s own flavour into it leading to an absolutely heady combination! And of course there is Saba Azad’s sharaabi rendition – not as brilliant as her drunken style rendition from Nautanki Saala, but still very effective. Another of the album’s top tracks is Powders (also the track where the album title appears) that rides on an addictive blues rock-ish groove and is dominated by the guitars and drums (which sound almost live). Splendid singing by Saba here, supported well on harmonies by Imaad. Funky guitars rule Fire In the Street, and along with that trippy bassline, this one is very much recognisable with the duo’s signature style and will have you bopping along, whether listening to it live or not. Final track Mousegirl is an uncharacteristically chirpy track from the band, albeit with the signature elements in the arrangement. Engaging track, but not among the best of the album.

After a winning debut EP last year (All Ball – which had the original version of Calcutta Kiss), Union Farm is a fitting sophomore effort from Madboy/Mink that, like its predecessor, will be immensely enjoyable even if you don’t follow electronica that keenly. And like last time, it is available for free download (or a pay-as-you-like arrangement, I would advise you to pay something and support the scene) and can be streamed for free too, so do give it a spin!

Top Recos: Sharaabi, Powders, Fire In The Street

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