MTV Sound Trippin’ Episode 3 – Yellapur

So the episode 3 of MTV Sound Trippin’ had Sneha Khanwalkar tripping around Yellapur, the Kannada land of the African tribe known as Siddhis. Wiki tells me that Siddhis are mainly Sufi muslims. The track that Sneha produced at the end of the episode with assistance from Tarun, Vinayak and Venkat did not have elements of any form of sufi that I have heard and known, but that is not to say the track was not entertaining. Staying true to the roots of the tribe, Yerre has a sound that is very African, very tribal. I especially loved the part where the groove kicks in initially. Unlike the first two episodes the song didn’t entirely work for me though – for instance the “rap” addition, as Sneha called it, in the interlude didn’t quite seem to fit in. Nevertheless the overall product is nice, it wouldn’t sound out of place in a Putumayo compilation. Also, Yellapur looks to be a lovely place, and the episode captures its rustic beauty quite well, so do watch.
The Episode

The Song

Farhan Mirzankar says:

Awesome….. Yellapur it’s my birth place.. sidhis rock on

VIP says:

Aah you are outside India? There is an issue Viacom is having with youtube. You can check their website to watch it I guess.

digi says:

Where’s the link? Cant click only on the links you’ve provided