MTV Sound Trippin’ Episode 2: Banaras

Didgeridoo. The world’s largest tabla. Temple bells. Weaver’s loom. Some of the sounds that went into the making of the song called Ram Ram for episode 2 of MTV Sound Trippin’. Set in the mystic temple town of Banaras, it was a given that the song would have a devotional aspect to it. But the way Sneha Khanwalkar did it along with producers Mark and Gaurav, was beyond my wildest imaginations! The way the groove was created out of the earlier-mentioned elements and a plethora of other sounds, and the way the singing by Bhoomi & the Yadav brothers (Mannalal and Jawaharlal Yadav) was placed atop that. And with a fabulously done video capturing the best visuals of Banaras, the effect truly is, like Sneha says on the show, hypnotic! Below you can see the whole episode, or just the song if that is your choice. But again, advise you to watch the complete episode. It is brilliant. Next episode is in Yellapur, Karnataka, and features the Siddhi tribe. I am waiting.