Fatso – Music Review

The wacky paraphernalia of sounds (predominantly brass) that underlie the title song push it beyond its functional nature to make it an engaging listen. Keerthi Sagathia matches the mood of the song with his rendition, pulling off something akin to what he did for Delhi Belly not much long ago. Composer Sagar Desai then does a rock-n-roll-meets-desi template for Haye Haye Re. As trippy as they come, more so with Suraj Jagan’s spotless job behind the mic with Ravi “Rags” Khote, the scatting is especially super. Very Sorry too sees a nice fusion of western and folk elements in the arrangement, but the tune did not work for me much. Probably coz I had higher expectations seeing Vijay Prakash as the lead vocalist, the singer-composer combo was brilliant in QGM. The pick of the soundtrack is the breezy Jiya Jaye Na, for its fabulous guitar. Choice of vocalist could have been different though, Suraj Jagan sounds scratchy in places.

Three entertaining songs in a four song soundtrack. For Fatso that should be good enough. Another testimony to composer Sagar Desai’s reliability. Why this man does not get a proper mainstream movie I will never understand.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Jiya Jaye Na, Fatso, Haye Haye Re

Sheetal says:

Fatso is a Indian film which is a delightful take on love, life, romance and the occasional accident of death.it is interesting film.