Dhoni – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

The bubbly arrangement of Chinna Kanniley with its lovely use of kids’ chorus et al is a delightful throwback to Raja’s Anjali days. Shreya Ghoshal rules the rendition, sidelining a strangely nasal and off-colour Naresh Iyer. The composer’s adeptness at orchestration, particularly with the guitar, comes to the forefront of Vaangum Panathukkum – the raw sound of the acoustic guitar (nylon string?) present all through the song, backed by some classic Raja sounds. Bliss. And matching him in sounding his best is SPB; what singing! The scatting towards the second half is especially brilliant!

Sweeping orchestral elements and Ilayaraja’s sincere rendition greatly help Thaavi Thaavi Pogum whose tune might otherwise have made it tedious after a bit. The brief pauses before the interludes seem to contribute much even in their silence! Finally Vilayaattaa Padagotty wins you over with its simple tune which the composer beautifies with a fabulous strings-led arrangement. There is a prayer-like earnestness in the singers’ renditions – Hariharan and Shreya in the male and female versions respectively – which even betters the whole affair.

After a long gap the maestro gives us a flavor of his vintage stuff once again. Delectable is the word!

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Vaangum Panathukkum, Chinna Kanniley, Vilayaatta Padagotty

subramanian says:

Our great Raja Sir getting old but his music always stays young and refreshing! Raja has no boundaries in music, great treat to us, thank you sir!

Subhash says:

Its raja sir magic. its a musical treat for raja’s lovers.

vanitha says:

Dhoni movie songs are really a treat to our ears. Love the soft, gentle, tender songs. These days I am really got bored and sick of heavy metal and drum beats and sharp notes and songs like kolaveri, adida avala, hate them. Hats off Raja Sir.

Ram says:

Excellent music by mastero. He is always great for me.

Yuvaneshwar says:

Superb music!
All hail raaja sir

karuvayan says:

There’s no words to say…….. I can just worship this music….