Hum Tum Shabana – Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

Despite a standard electronic arrangement, Music Bandh Na Karo has an addictive groove to it, the folksy tune of the title hook is an especially nice touch. Abhishek Nainwal, Palash Sen and Anushka Manchanda do their job quite well. It is gladdening to see Palash Sen get more into film music (though in this case I would have preferred a song that utilized his singing better), he has easily got more range and versatility than other singers who took a similar route like Neeraj Shridhar, Mohit Chauhan et al. Barring a temporary tempo change in between and a couple of additional orchestral elements the remix isn’t very different from the original. Hey Na Na Na is immensely catchy with its hummable tune and breezy youthful arrangement. Raghav (Sachar I suppose) does justice to the arrangement with a peppy rendition. Didn’t really like the Party Map Remix.

Mika totally nails the fun-filled Thank You Mr. DJ which exudes a Hey Ganpat sort of feel with its daaru song air. Very imaginatively arranged, I already sense a hit in this one once the visuals are out. Suzanne gives backing vocals. The high point of the soundtrack though, happens next, with Piya Kesariyo. The composers get Anushka Manchanda (Jigar Saraiya also pitching in with the processed backing vocals) to sing the sensuous-flavored folk-rock fusion track. After that high point the soundtrack ends on an anticlimax though, Tochi Rainaa singing a mediocrely orchestrated techno-Punjabi piece Kaari Kaari.

Sachin-Jigar continue in top form, and this time too it looks like their work is going to get noticed, thankfully.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.75/10

Top Recos: Piya Kesariyo, Hey Na Na, Thank You Mr. DJ