Force – Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

You can listen to the soundtrack here (Link courtesy, the regular, @prabshoney)

The Hindi lyrics of Khwabon Khwabon would take some getting used to after the hajaar listens of Uyirin Uyire over the years, but that apart, Harris Jayaraj’s composition from Kaakka Kaakka still carries enough spunk to have you hooked even to the Hindi avatar. HJ even uses the same singers — KK and Suchitra. Quite surprisingly the rest of the soundtrack is not a reproduction of the Tamil original. Chahoon Bhi has the composer’s favourite Bombay Jayashree crooning with Karthik. The guitar-led arrangement is signature Harris Jayaraj, thankfully without appearing to reference any of his older works. Continuing on his guest composer role from Dabangg is Lalit Pandit with his single song called Dum Hai To Aaja by ex-Viva girl Mahua Kamat. But performance-wise he almost goes to the other extreme, creating a totally avoidable mess of a track here.

HJ returns with another fabulously arranged piece called Main Chali, Shreya Ghoshal and Naresh Iyer doing the honours behind the mic. The antara of the song is a rehash of the corresponding portion of his song Mudhal Mazhai from Bheema though (thanks to @_viju I now know that the song as such is a richer edition of Manasa from the Telugu movie Munna). And rounds off the soundtrack with another song that is interesting in parts, but just about average overall. Vijay Prakash, Shalini Singh and Neha Bhasin’s singing happens to be one of those interesting components of the song.

Harris Jayaraj’s second encounter with Bollywood is certainly not comparable with the scintillating debut that RHTDM was (or with the original Kaakka Kaakka score), but is an entertaining listen nevertheless. Not that the debut had done him any good in the industry, hope this one at least gets him more opportunities. He deserves them.

Music Aloud Rating — 7.25/10

Top Recos — Main Chali, Khwabon Khwabon, Chahoon Bhi