Teja Bhai and Family – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

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The reggae-ish base of Pranayanila gives it a very heard-before feel(songs like Dont Worry Be Happy invariably come to mind). But that said, wonderful song, the light-heartedness of the composition is quite infectious, and Shaan Rahman does a fabulous job of singing it too. Deepak Dev gets Vijay Yesudas to sing a remix of the song his dad sang in 1984 for Kaanaamarayathu, Oru Madhurakkinaavin. Vijay renders it quite well, and the remix is done in a tastefully retro-ish manner by the composer. It is the visuals you will need to be wary of though. πŸ™‚ The third and final track of the soundtrack gives off all wrong signals right from its “profound” title, Thillana Rock Your Body. And the song lives up to (or should I say down to?) the expectations from the name, very middling dance music arrangement. Haven’t been able to find out the source of the female voice accompanying Benny Dayal.

Surprisingly short soundtrack, I had expected more songs from the general feel I got about the movie. Two out of three is pass marks anyways. Not bad, Deepak Dev. πŸ™‚

Music Aloud Rating: 6.75/10

Top Recos: Pranayanila, Oru Madhurakkinaavin Remix