A R Rahman’s new signature tune for Airtel available for download

As part of Airtel’s mega-rebranding exercise worth $300 million to give it a more ‘youthful and dynamic’ image, the brand has launched a new logo and has made available for download its latest signature tune once again composed by A R Rahman. Essentially a sort of shorter techno-revamp of the original tune, the new theme is indeed interesting, a virtuoso that ARR is at arrangement. But the original tune was magical – the harmonica, the flute, the strings et al formed a truly addictive combo. Which was reascertained by the history-making 150 million+ downloads that the tune had.There was more to it than the functional aspect of just another ringtone. I couldn’t quite feel that element is the new tune. May be this will work in the larger scheme of things, when the global audience is taken into account, but to me the original tune is one of the most memorable jingles ARR has ever created and shall always rate above this. You can download the tune here.

Airtel has also come out with a new ad as part of the branding, which has a wonderfully serene background. Not sure if this is by ARR though. You can watch the ad here.

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