Isi Life Mein – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

The sprightly Isi Umar Mein works quite well in both versions, more so in the unplugged version crooned by Mohit Chauhan. The arrangement of Ramji 24×7 reminded me vaguely of Pritam’s Chor Bazaari. But that apart the song is a good entertainer in its own way, helped to a good extent by some quality vocals from Kavita Seth, Shreya Ghoshal and Debojit Saha. The remix is not that great however, folk elements giving way to techno. Lol — Live Out Loud sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Suzanne D’Mello and Meet Bros. is pretty annoying fare with the composers taking the “loud” part of the title a bit too literally! Thankfully this one did not have a remix.

Tere Pyar Mein in its base tune sounds 90s-ish in many places. And boringly so, despite Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghoshal on the vocals. But I loved the orchestration, dominated by the grand string sequences. Kavita Seth’s opening bit for Banni Avela Tharo sounds strangely similar to Sanam Marvi’s opening for Pritam from Coke Studio Season 3, both in rendition and tune. From there the song takes on a different route though, the composers giving a retro feel to the arrangement, and this time unlike with the previous song managing to make it an engaging affair. Udit Narayan’s Tum Darshan Hum is your plain vanilla bhajan song, Meet Bros. Anjjan not really trying anything experimental here. Apna Kaun, again rendered by Udit Narayan, is like a reprise version of the previous track and sounds quite out of a sad scene from a soap! And in the end there is the instrumental bluesy track with a strange name Taming Of The Shrew Reborn, interestingly arranged but more on a situational line and hence not holding much on the entertainment perspective.

Though Meet Brothers Anjjan manage to produce a better score than they did for Do Dooni Chaar, Isi Life Mein lacks anything spectacular to ensure them a place among the mainstream composers in Bollywood.

Music Aloud Rating — 6.5/10

Recommended Tracks — Isi Umar Mein, Ramji 24×7, Banni Avela Tharo

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Hey they are only three person MANMEET,HERMEET ,ANJJAN call MEET BROS ANJJAN music director so plz can u correct name in your music review and your website also.If you have any confusion you can see cd cover.