No Problem – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Sajid Wajid may have done some decent music for Dabangg, but any doubt one might have harboured that the change was permanent, is wiped out with the ultra-clichéd arrangement for No Problem. Some seven singers’ efforts (including Wajid) wasted! Shockingly, Pritam follows in the same vein belting out some appallingly mediocre tracks which make Sajid Wajid’s work look like one of the better tracks! First comes Shakeera sung by Master Saleem, Kalpana and Hard Kaur. Things take a worse turn with Vikrant Singh and Kalpana’s Babe Di Kripa, an utterly pointless Punjabi track. The relatively better track is We Are Innocent sung by Suraj Jagan, bearing shades of some of Pritam’s previous compositions like Chaska. And the soundtrack ends with Anand Raaj Anand contributing his bit of middling tunes through Mast Punjabi, the composer rendering the song with Sunidhi.

As an irony to its name, No Problem’s soundtrack is full of problems!

Music Aloud Rating: 4/10

Recommended Tracks: Well.. 🙂