Raavan First Look Out!!!

raavanThe first look of one of the year’s most awaited movies is out, more importantly for music aficionados, with a snippet of Rahman’s music in the background! The song in the background for the current trailer is Beera Beera which according to some sources is sung by Vijay Prakash, though there are also other discernible voices alongside. Too early to be commenting on the song, based on a 40 second clip, but I liked what I heard! 🙂 You can watch the trailer here:

The official tracklisting out as of now features six songs, though there are some talks about there being more tracks. Nevertheless, here is the list as of now:

Beera Beera Vijay Prakash

Behne De Karthik

Kata Kata Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi, Kunal Ganjawala

Khilli Re Reena Bharadwaj

Ranjha Ranjha Rekha Bharadwaj, Javed Ali

Thok De Killi Sukhwinder Singh