Raavan – Music Review

RaavanjpgRaavan shows promises right from the word go, starting with the bouncy Beera, the mix of Indian and African folk elements in the orchestration forming a perfect combo. And Vijay Prakash does a fab job of the rendition alongside newcomer Mustafa Kutoane and Keerthi Sagathia, with Rahman making the occasional appearance in the background. Mustafa seems to be an African singer from his voice and style. Nice debut anyways. Things take a somber, yet better, turn with the sufi-ish Behene De. The faint resemblance in tune with some older Rahman tunes like Satrangi Re is totally forgotten in the beauty of the instrumentation and the spot-on vocals by Karthik and Mohammad Irfan. It is rather unfortunate that Karthik hasn’t been able to build a place in Bollywood in spite of having sung quite a few good tracks for Rahman. Of course if he keeps getting such beauties from Rahman himself it doesn’t really matter! 🙂 Thok De Killi is the only slightly uninteresting fare in the whole lot. In spite of Sukhwinder Singh‘s high energy vocals (supported by another newbie by name Am’Nico) and barring Rahman’s clever instrumental additions in places, the song is largely tedious.
The previous dip is more than compensated with the awesome Sufi-electronic fusion in Ranjha Ranjha. I have especially been caught on by the instrumentation in the initial one minute. The breezy processed humming of Anuradha Sriram is such a perfect fit for the overall mood! There is obviously no need to comment on the singing by Rekha Bharadwaj and Javed Ali. After a break Reena Bhardwaj returns to sing for ARR the beautiful Khilli Re. There is every chance given the semi classical nature of the song that Khilli Re will not cut ice with a lot of listeners, but it is in such songs that I have felt Rahman’s master class truly gets demonstrated, and to me this is the pick of the album. I loved the brief Chinese violin accompaniment towards the end (3:11 – 3:22). As it started, Raavan ends with another lively song, Kata Kata, a heavy-on-percussion track. Being right down their alley, Ila Arun and Sapna Awasthi handle the folksy track with ease with good support from Kunal Ganjawala and a host of other singers.
Rahman may have grown by leaps and bounds over the years, working with some of the biggest names all over India and outside, but his finest scores still continue to be reserved for one person, Mani Ratnam. And for good reason too, considering the way Mani Ratnam has treated each of those songs in his movies. Eagerly waiting for Raavan’s videos now!

Music Aloud Rating: 9/10
Recommended tracks: Khilli Re, Behene De, Ranjha Ranjha

rahul says:

The album is simply trash according to Rehman’s standards. Gulzars lyrics is again complicated and Meaningless (If I dare to say so..) I can bet 99% people dont understand the meaning of lyrics and the context. Music is very similar to other Ratnam films which now seems to repeat itself. People are giving positive reviews because music is more noisy (fashionable) with use of beats more than chords.

Aravind says:

AR.Rahman sir is the best. Best whises for his Ji ho tour…..

Ram Das says:

This album is not a masterpiece. The little originality of the tunes, that is there, has been suppressed by excessive amalgamation. That makes no song fit to be evergreen.

vasanth says:

Thats correct mr.vijayakumar. It is very harsh to write such a stupid comments.Rahman rocks once again only genius can do this kind of experimentation with music. The raavan needs this kind of music. rahman is genius.

vijayakumar says:

hello mr krishnananad y do u want to hear raavan songs that many number of times to like it.. was not it appealing for u in the first trial .. if not then do not listen to RAAVan songs at all bkos u ll have to consult with an ENT specialist .. May be some clay or mud clogged in ur ear drum has to cleaned ..

vijayakumar says:

hello mr.Pranchi can u give me one valid reason for giving such a bad comment about raavan.. just for namesake do not ever comment..


yesterday i purchased audio cd of Raavan, I have good no of collection of Raman ji film cds, only, One 2 Kaa 4 is missing, I have no duplicate Cd, no mp3, only audioCds in terms of music

sourav Das.


Dear .Mr. A.R.Rahman ji,
There could so many music lovers of Your, Of them Iam Truly Yours, in Listening to your each work of track to the deepest of the each bits of various instruments, hi htz to low htz, no one can produce different types wooffering sounds (low htz),
Because of few people like you in this earth, i think i live life,,,,, kindly continue giving music like, KAHI TO HOGI WOH(JTYJAANE NAA), AADITI, MUSIC LIKE IN YU VRAAJ, DIL GIRA DAFATAAN( D6), BOOLA TUJHE JAISE KAHAAN(BLUE), KWAAJAA MERE KWAAJA,
& LUKAA CHUPI(RANGDE BASANTI)…. i give my best in listening good music to utmost of my interest… now i can create music and sing songs a bit. Iam a medical representative, in Piramal Healthcare ltd, Diabetes Division, Dhanbad, Jharkhand…

sourav Das.

Pulkit says:

Nice review – I agree! Here’s my review: http://www.the-nri.com/index.php/2010/05/music-review-raavan/


Music will be a block buster hit…….wait for the movie, you will see how beuatiful the songs will be pecturised…..great job Mr.Rahman ,Mr.Gulzar and Maniratnam Sir.

ahmad mukhtiar from peshawar pakistan says:

extra ordinary superb zabardast. I am lost of words. A.r.rahman is back to his original style. Especially love the track Ranjha Ranjha. We patans request a.r.rahman sir to xperiment wid pushto music aswel as it is rich. And also most of patans in peshawar r fans of a.r.rahman. It’ll b a gift 2 them. Love a.r.rahman right from Roja. Ahmad khan peshawar.

Sudarshan says:

Truly…. ga ga over the song Ranja Ranja…. Awe struck for the first one min of this song… Great work….!!!

USMLE says:

Awsome work. Isnt it sad the best work of AR rahman is still unkown to world.. I hate Slumdog score when compare it to other AR rehman works

krishnanand says:

Raavan is not good as expected !! may be u need to repeat it atleast 7/8 times to like it..anyway i lost my patience after a few trials !!!!

mriyunjay says:

ga ga over ranjha ranjha amazing so different from regular proud 2 b rahmaniac



Manoj goud says:

A r rahman, is a god of music , and raavan is another avatar, fantastic, mindblowing, awesome.

Avi says:

Its a terrific soundtrack. Mani Rahman jodi gives another musical blockbuster. A good soundtrack to follow vinnaithandi.

shabbir says:

raavan 10 heads 10 minds a hundred voices one mind
rahman more then a hundred million head indian population more than a 100 million minds as too the voices and there is only one a r rahman

Piranava says:

Rahman sir…U make India proud!!!!!! Hats off…
more than the word ‘magical’…

Pranchi says:

The songs are bad… a sad follow up to vinnaithandi….

Suhail says:


RicCarso says:


karthik says:

ha ha good work again i was simply amazed in Kata tune “Kanya ko bulao” part

Balaji says:

Lovely songs.. WORTH THE WAIT !

Dinesh says:

What a songs man..!


AR RAHMAN’s mind blowing work again.