Music Review – Badmaash Company

Badmaash Company_21943The simple guitar loop which kick starts Ayaashi is commonplace, but works well for the song. The song seems patchy to start with, but falls into the groove chorus onwards. KK’s singing comes through strong as expected. Badmaash Company is genmax and neither does Benny Dayal add much to the track.  The part with the rap and the ensuing bit is interesting though (2:10 to 2:50). Chaska Chaska will also probably make it with the masses. It has all the elements required to find its way into play lists in discotheques, parties’ etc.   You will love the way Fakeera starts, especially the way the drums roll in. However, Rahat probably is not the right singer for the song. The improvisation for the last Fakeera in the mukhda probably is a welcome twist for such a song. However, Rahat’s voice doesn’t have the power which is considered a prerequisite for such a song, probably rightly. Pritam could have at least experimented with two singers (Barso Yaaro style!!). The acoustic loop in Jingle Jingle is delightful and unlike the one in Ayaashi, fresh; no doubt both work in their own way. The song is really likable but for the Punjabi style chorus. The is album has many a songs which are appealing, but probably none which will “pass the test of time”:D

Music Aloud Rating: 6/10