Daily Quiz #57

Connect the following songs:

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Answer in comments. May I add that the connect is not restricted to the above four songs. This is a much bigger list.

Answer: These are a few of the songs that RD Burman drew inspiration from. Most of the folks got it right. Creative answer from swaps btw, though it wont fetch you any point. 😀 Points to:





Flightless One




MS says:

R.D. Burman tracks are inspired by this set of songs.

Jayesh says:

I think somewhere the songs are connected to WAGs of beetles…

Debasish says:

Plagiarised songs of RD Burman

Praneetha says:

R D Burman copied these songs?

swaps says:

all are songs about polygamous flirting men 😉

the flightless one says:

all “inspirations” for RD Burman songs?

Wasi Manazir says:

Preetam, you are not alone you got R.D. Burman for company.

Nirad Inamdar says:

Nice, search-friendly qn! Thank u. Plagiarism by Panchamda.

Rosh says:

Pancham da

easwar says:

inspiration for RD Burman for few of his tracks