Daily Quiz #56

According to a legend, during the Virata Parva in Mahabharata, one of the brothers was given the responsibility of handling the kitchen. The guy had no clue how to cook and so he just chopped and boiled all vegetables and added a seasoning to serve. What was the name of the dish?

Nirad Inamdar says:

Can’t find it online. The only guesses i have r ‘khichdi’ and ‘avial’, but couldn’t relate them to music. Then somewhere, i saw there’s a local band called Avial.

swaps says:

the only dish that I know with boiled and mixed ingredients is Avial so I shall go with it … the other hint being that aviyal is also a band so it fits here with the logic of a musiquiz site

Jayesh says:

Aviyal 🙂

the flightless one says:

Aviyal 🙂

Rajib says:


Rosh says:

Avial (or Aviyal). I am guessing the band gets its name from the dish (?)

Emmanuel says:

Just a try. Is it Avial? 🙂

easwar says:



Arun.A.S says: