Daily Quiz #58

Question Courtesy: Easwar

This pop song has its origins traced to the composer approaching X, who had previously collaborated on many projects, to render it. X however turned down the offer due to the lyrics (more specifically the title) of the song. The song eventually went to Y and became a huge hit, marking a high point in Y’s career. Just give me the song. It is very much guessable from the question. 🙂

Answer in comments.

Answer: Guess the word “pop” threw people off track. 🙂 It is basically an Indian pop song, Made In India. The music director was obviously Biddu, who first approached Nazia Hassan, who being a Pakistani had objection with the lyrics, and the song as you all know went to Alisha Chinai. No cracks today.

Jayesh says:

no time to google 2day…a guess…choli ke peeche kya hai…

MS says:

Baby one more time…

swaps says:

black or white michael jackson quincy jones ….