Thrissivapperoor Kliptham – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs at the end.

Maangaappoolu is composer Bijibal in his currently frequent retro mode, and yet again pulling it off in style, while singing it as well (something about the mentions of maangaappoolu and uppu that makes your mouth water like it says in the line after!). Rest of the soundtrack however, sees the composer in a totally different avatar. Carnatic musician Vivek Moozhikkulam aces the naattakkurinji raga based Oru Thari Asha while Bijibal creates a sleek fusion track around his rendition. Pushpavathi, who has in the past delivered two fine folk tracks for the composer, comes back for the very Thrissur-accented tribute to the town and its people, called Thrissooru. Very well sung by the lady, and the arrangement once again sees a smart fusion of sorts.

The experimentation on the traditional Thrissur Pooram song Kaanthaa (currently most famous through its cover by Masala Coffee) doesn’t really hit the mark though – the dark re-imagination of the melody didn’t work for me. Thaikkudam Bridge’s Vipin Lal does a good rendition of it nevertheless. Kada Thala Kola too yields similarly unimpressive results, though here the lyrics are the main culprit. Sannidhanandhan handles the folk-tinged melody neatly. The final track, Venne Vennakkal Penne, works largely for Sayanora Philip’s spirited vocals; once again the words are middling and the melody too is passable.

Thrissivaperoor Kliptham has composer Bijibal going experimental with partial success. His retro game is still on point though!

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

Top Recos: Maangaappoolu, Oru Thari Asha, Thrissooru

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