Sunday Holiday – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs at the end.

Oru Nokku doesn’t offer anything new by way of melody or arrangement, but the overall feel good-ness of the whole thing helps, as does Karthik’s fine singing. Composer Deepak Dev does better in his other melodic romantic piece. Mazha Paadum carries a whiff of Kharaharapriya raga about it – a raga in which the composer has created some brilliant pieces in the past (Swayamvara Chandrike, Picha Vacha Naal etc) – this one isn’t quite on that level, but serves its purpose all the same. On the vocal front are Aravind Venugopal and Aparna Balamurali, satisfactory job from both; nothing great. Aaro Kude and Kando Ninde are the faster paced tracks of the soundtrack. The trumpet makes for a neat addition to the breezy orchestration of Aaro Kude which is sung by Pradeep Babu and Jyotsna. Once again, the song is quite familiar in its sound aside of that nice touch. And in Kando Ninde, the composer channels the 80s disco vibe – this too is something Deepak Dev has done to commendable results in the past. And the genre’s appeal makes it an engaging listen here too, though the made-up words in the lyrics, presumably added for some comedic effect, irk at times. Anwar Sadath does well behind the mic.

Sunday Holiday. Average work from composer Deepak Dev, like his past few soundtracks, mainly owing to the lack of newness in sound. Hopefully he has better music in offer later this year, man’s got three more movies in the offing as per wiki.

Music Aloud Rating: 2.5/5

Top Recos: Aaro Kude, Oru Nokku, Kando Ninde


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