Irada – Music Review (Bollywood)

The title song is standard issue Bollywood rock that Nikhil Uzgare delivers well, but is a daunting listen even so. Equally standard issue is the techno Punjabi-ness of Mitran De and the singing by Master Saleem, Kaur B and Earl Edgar, though competent, only adds to that repetitiveness. It is in the other half of the soundtrack that singer Neeraj Shridhar finds some success in his new role as film composer. The folksy Mahi is singer Harshdeep Kaur’s show, with the occasional good support from Shabab Sabri. Neeraj’s arrangement, while soothing, carries shades of the composer whose songs make up a large chunk of his singing portfolio, Pritam. Papon gets Irada’s best, the lullaby named Chaand Rajai Odhe. The composer crafts a lovely melody that Papon delivers brilliantly, and the serene backdrop is befitting of the song’s mood.

Average debut as composer from Neeraj Shridhar, but good to see him back. And thankful for small mercies like staying clear of the old song remix trend (though incidentally he started his career doing exactly that).

Music Aloud Rating: 2.5/5

Top Recos: Chaand Rajai Odhe, Mahi

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