Vallavanukkum Vallavan – Music Review (Tamil Soundtrack)


Songs at the end.

Anthony Daasan sings two songs in Vallavanukkum Vallavan’s soundtrack, both of which he writes himself, and delivers with his trademark exuberance. The street style Ooru Monai Orathila is the soundtrack’s shortest piece at just over 1.5 minutes and is a guest composition from Ajesh Ashok. The lyrics seem to suggest a delusional state (something that reminded me of the Tamil movie Joker that came out earlier this year), that of Che Guevara doing a local political campaign and taking selfies! Interesting song for as long as it lasts. Naan Nallavanukku Nallavanda is composed by Raghu Dixit, as are the songs that follow. The regular kuthu format is spruced up by Daasan’s efforts, and also by Dixit’s clever mix of guitars and horns with the folk percussion.

Karakkudikke Rani is another dance-y folk song, but a much better one as the composer has an addictive melody in place here. The star of the song is however singer Apoorva Sridhar who handles the tune with incredible panache and vigour. Raghu has a Dheaon Dheaonevocative combination of guitars and folk elements going in Koluse Sol Koluse, but with a mellower and more Caribbean-like sound. Given that the individual ingredients are all of the cheery kind, the combination does not disappoint either, helped further by Nakul Abhyankar and Manasi Mahadevan’s singing. With its dark rock-based sound, evil laughter etc. I was taken back to Raghu’s own Dewarists song I on Saadhu Mirandaal. Similarity between the songs ends with those two aspects though, Saadhu takes a totally different route. In fact this one features a richer arrangement highlighted by the horns and that techno-Arabic segment in the second interlude. Ravishankar does an impressive job behind the mic.

Vallavanukkum Vallavan. Raghu Dixit’s second Tamil soundtrack is engaging, but wouldn’t count among his best works.

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

Top Recos: Karakkudikke Rani, Koluse Sol Koluse, Naan Nallavanukku Nallavanda

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