Ore Mukham – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)


Songs at the end.

The soundtrack of Ore Mukham goes steadily backwards in time as it progresses. The contemporary one, the title song, is sung by Yazin Nizar. Energetic singing aside, strictly a passable track where nothing really sticks. Aarum Ariyathoru takes you to the 90s, and composer Bijibal does a better job here with the arrangement, making particularly good use of the flute and guitars. On vocals is a man who seems to be gradually getting more and more active in the mainstream scene, Madhu Balakrishnan. And good to hear the man deliver well here too. For the final song Sadirumai the composer evokes 80s disco elements, and in fine fashion (those violins!). The melody isn’t as exceptional, but the grooviness of the arrangement and Vineeth Sreenivasan’s singing manage to prop it up adequately.

Ore Mukham. Average soundtrack from Bijibal. Which is surprising coming at a time when the man has been uncharacteristically MIA (the man did just two other soundtracks this year, one of which had just one song).

Music Aloud Rating: 2.5/5

Top Recos: Sadirumai, Aarum Ariyathoru

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