Koppayile Kodumkaattu – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

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Songs and full credits at the end.

That short sarangi bit in the first interlude aside, Parayuvanariyathe is pretty much a throwback to the 90s melancholia in Malayalam film music. Seems intentional too, given that Yesudas is the one singing the song. Either way, not a particularly imaginative track, though it serves its purpose. Thira Thira on the other hand starts off well – composer Mithun Eshwar sets up a fine prelude with guitars and darbuka and flute and a rousing chorus (Sreejith, Shyam, Sangeeth). It is where the composer’s own lead vocals kick in that the song stumbles, the processed (almost tinny) voice robs the song of half its entertainment value. The song does redeem itself a bit in the guitar-heavy interludes.

Mithun Eshwar is a promising musician, but his work in Koppayile Kodumkaattu comes across as half-baked. Which is a problem I have had with most of his works on Music Mojo as well. Then again, with just two songs, there is not much of a “soundtrack” here.

Music Aloud Rating: 5.5/10

Full Credits

Song: Parayuvanariyathe
Singer: K.J.Yesudas
Lyrics: Roy Puramadom
Music Director: Mithun Eshwar

Song: Thira Thira
Singer: Mithun Eshwar
Lyrics: Roy Puramadam
Music: Mithun Eshwar

Acoustic & Electric Guitars: Sudheesh Subramaniam (SuSu),
Bass Guitar: Jerin
Acoustic Drums, Percussions, Darbuka: Bharath & Sharath
Flute: Abhijith
Chorus: Sreejith, Shyaam, Sangeeth
Sound Engineers: Balu Thankachan, Revanth Nanoth, Sreejith Edavana
Studios: AM Studios Chennai, 20dB Sound Studios, SA Studio, Plug ins
Mixed & Mastered: Balu Thankachan, Sreejith Edavana, Revanth Nanoth

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