Nucleya’s new album Bass Rani out for free download!

nucleya bass rani coverAfter a rather innovative launch of his latest album Bass Rani at a Ganpati visarjan in Mumbai yesterday, electronic artist Nucleya released the eight songs from the album for free download earlier today. Typical to the man’s style (and as is indicated by the album’s title), the album is heavy on bass; the man mixing everything from Punjabi folk to Mumbai street music to Tamil kuthu elements with electronic beats. The album even features a more electronic adaptation of the song Nucleya did with Shruti Pathak earlier this year for Dewarists (which we had featured in our video series a few days back), Heer. Our picks from the album though are Mumbai Dance, Jungle Raja and Aaja. Mumbai Dance, true to its title, is heavy on street beats from the region. But what you do not expect is for the song to start with an intro in Harish Bhimani’s voice (wonder if it’s him or a mimicry artiste, pretty good job if it’s the latter)! Jungle Raja too has a similarly retro styled start in the form of an akashvani song announcement. Here it is Vivian Divine’s Hindi rap that makes the song work primarily. That and the well-executed Chholi Ke Peechhe Kya Hai reference! Third song is the most melodic of the album, relatively speaking, with a nice Punjabi folk tune sung by Avneet Khurmi.

You can listen to the songs and download them on bandcamp, just submit your email ID and the download link shall be mailed to you.

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