Ko-2 – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

ko-2 posterYou can listen to the songs here. Complete musician credits at the end of the review.

Composer Leon James nails the inspirational song format in Unnai Maatrinaal, a song that is a smart mix of powerful and poignant elements (shades of desh raaga, I think). While the percussion-heavy arrangement features some nice naadaswaram bits from Balasubramaniam, the singing is handled by Harish Sivaramakrishnan with able support from the kids’ chorus of Sargam Choir. The finish is particularly rousing, the chorus chanting the lead refrain as Harish launches into a classical alaap. Kohila is a light, hummable tune that is immensely engaging with its breezy treatment, Bhavani Prasad’s veena adding a nice touch to an otherwise pop setting. Leon’s singing isn’t top drawer, but he makes it work here while the other end is held secure by Neeti Mohan.

Composer loads the lovely melody of Kannamma with a pacy techno-based arrangement, something that accentuates the haunting feel of the tune to brilliant effect. British-Sri Lankan singer Inno Genga and Chinmayi handle the vocals very well. The composer manages to create a tantamount effect with a far minimal setting in its Reprise version, even with Salim Merchant doing an Udit Narayan with the lyrics. Vishal Dadlani owns Vidaadha with the raw energy in his voice, even as Leon peppers the techno dance arrangement with folksy elements. The short KO-2 Theme starts off promisingly with Kishor’s sitar in the lead, but is too short to make much of an impact.

Ko-2. Leon James’ first full soundtrack as composer (he previously did two songs in Kanchana 2), and he delivers in style!

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Unnai Maatrinaal, Kannamma, Kohila

Musician/Technician Credits:

Sitar – Kishor

Veena – Bhavani Prasad

Israj – Arshad Khan

Flute – Vishnu Vijay

Nadhaswaram – Balasubramaniam

Percussions – Krishna Kishor

Bass guitar – Naveen Napier Kumar

Guitars – Keba Jeremiah

Strings recorded by Supreme Tracks

Pianos, Vocoders, Synthesizers & Drum Machines – Leon James

Additional Programming – David Joseph

Vocal Producer – Lijesh Kumar

Child Chorus – Sargam Choir

Female Chorus – Sharanya Srinivas, Sandhya Sundar

Male Chorus – Deepak, Santosh Hariharan, Anand Aravindakshan

Recording Engineers:

Chennai – Thiru Vengadam, K.S Mani Ratnam, Lijesh Kumar

Mumbai – Amir, Shakeel, Reena, Adi

New York – Jake Gakovik

Recording Studios:

Chennai – SoundTech Media, Voice & Vision Studio

Mumbai – EmSquare Studios, Modi Digital Studios, Ashok Honda Studios

New York – Supreme Tracks Studios

Music Supervisor – Krishna Kishor

Mixed by Leon James Unnai Maatrinaal

Mixed by Thiru Vengadam

Mixing Supervisor – Navneeth Balachanderan

Music Produced & Mixed at Shambala Studios

Mastered by Navneeth Balachanderan at the Red Pencil Company

Mastered for iTunes by S.Sivakumar at AM Studios

Music Co-Ordination – Roshan Doshi, Velavan

Special Thanks to AH Studios, Sivakumar, Faizuddin, Prithvi Chandrasekar, Aalaap Raju, Adithya Modi, Rahul Ramachandran, Nazeef Mohammad, Vivek Machetti, Manoj Kumar

Music Composed, Arranged & Produced by Leon James

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