Hamari Adhuri Kahani – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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That a Bhatt movie song sounds familiar shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone by now; and it starts with Mithoon here. Humnava follows that oft trodden morose path to a tee – the tune is nice though, and the arrangement features a couple of beautiful violin solos. However it is the presence of Papon behind the mic that imparts the song a new refreshing colour. Debutant Ami Mishra takes the place of Bhatts’ recent favourite Ankit Tiwari as guest composer no. 2, and he presents two versions of one tune Hasi. The female version works better than the rock-flavoured male version rendered by the composer himself, partly because of the better fit of the softer piano-led arrangement (and some lovely flute) with the tune and the presence of Shreya Ghoshal on the vocals with a flawless-as-ever rendition.

Wonder if it is the presence of violins, something about Jeet Gannguli’s title song took me back to Sur. Nice song by the way, freshest sounding of the lot relatively speaking, and well sung by Arijit Singh and Jeet himself in the original and encore versions respectively. Jeet’s other song Yeh Kaisi Jagah has Deepali Sathe on vocals (debutant?) carrying off a fine job even as the composer features an engaging arrangement to prop up an otherwise regular tune. As per this tweet by Mahesh Bhatt, the soundtrack also features Zaroori Tha from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s 2014 album Back 2 Love (thanks to @Prakshid for the tipoff). Not been a big fan of this song due to its daunting 90s-like sound, but as it happens it sits quite well in the soundtrack’s soundscape.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani. A soundtrack riddled with familiar sounds as expected, but this is the best that a Bhatt soundtrack has sounded in quite a while.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Hamari Adhuri Kahani, Humnava, Hasi (female)

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