..and it’s a six!

music_aloud_birthday_06Just like that another year has gone by – MusicAloud is now 6 years old! Six years of over a 1000 articles; mostly reviews, but also several other things – interviews, general articles, think pieces.. And a lot of music outside of the site – on YouTube, SoundCloud, OKListen, IndiEarth and most recently Outlook magazine. There isn’t much we want to say on this sixth anniversary other than we’re just happy to have been around this long. We didn’t know if we would make it to a sixth birthday when we started, but we do hope to stick around for much longer.

In keeping with our love for playlists, below is no. 10 of our “On Sound Cloud 9” series to mark the occasion – this an initiative we are quite proud of, partly for the amount of new music we have managed to discover on soundcloud ourselves, and partly for the kudos we have received for this. So enjoy the music (there will be more coming your way!) and do please continue your support. 🙂 You can get in touch with us here or on facebook or on twitter.

Like on our last birthday, this year too our logo has been designed by the awesomest @cookydoh (who shall again be receiving her thanks in beers).


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