Roy – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

roy-posterAmaal Mallik’s sole composition Sooraj Dooba Hain follows the party song template to a tee and delivers well too, the familiarity notwithstanding. And that is also owing a lot to the vocal reliability of Arijit Singh and Aditi Singh Sharma. Barring a few interchanges on the singing front, version 2 is quite similar to the original. The other guest composers Meet Bros Anjjan look to reprise their Baby Doll act with Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, and produce something that sounds quite similar, what with Kanika Kapoor essaying the vocals too (punctuated with some avoidable rap by the composers). Oddly enough, I liked this better than Baby Doll (still find that annoying!).

Rest of the songs are done by lead composer of the soundtrack, Ankit Tiwari. Yaara Re is a nice breezy melody, the kind that KK has always aced, and does here too. It is perhaps the combination of KK and the pensive mood of the song that took me back to Alvida from Metro. In the remaining two songs Ankit gets into his Bhatt movie mode (which Roy is not, by the way) – sombre, maudlin compositions both. And both have the composer on vocals. The guitars and the occasional sarangi aside, Boond Boond is rather drab. Tu Hai Ki Nahi works better, with a more alluring (albeit familiar) tune and a neat arrangement; that whistle is a nice touch. The unplugged version bears the promise of turning out better than the original, but that is before Tulsi Kumar starts singing.

Roy. Doesn’t score particularly high on freshness, but is an engaging soundtrack nevertheless.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Yaara Re, Tu Hai Ki Nahi, Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan

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