Khamoshiyan – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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You can listen to the songs here (link via @Prakshid)

Ankit Tiwari continues faithfully aligned to the Bhatt sound in his only track for Khamoshiyan, the sensuous Bheeg Loon. Decent track in fact, nice touches with the Latino guitars, violins and all. The female version has Prakriti Kakar doing a fine rendition while the composer himself gets behind the mic for the male version and carries it off nicely, sans auto-tune that too! The female version also gets a very run-of-the-mill remix by DJ Angel. Second composer Naved Zafar’s Kya Khoya follows the standard rock anthem route, which the man does make quite engaging to be fair. Only the weak vocals and lyrics that water down the impact. Soundtrack then passes on to the third composers Bobby Imran. Tu Har Lamha has some nice, church choir-esque, use of chorus, but that aside the song is undeniably, exhaustingly, Bhatt. Even Arijit Singh’s soulful effort only adds to the ennui. The alternately worded and unplugged version called Subhan Allah works better interestingly, despite weaker lead vocals. Fab use of chorus once again. The remix by DJ Angel is no improvement; regular for most part, annoying otherwise. Composer No. 4 Jeet Gannguli gets two original tracks – original in a very loose sense of course, the songs are once again very déjà vu-inducing. The title song is sung by Arijit Singh is nothing special, tunewise or arrangement-wise. Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na fares marginally better, mainly owing to that flute. And I liked the female version sung by Palak Mucchal better because three sombre songs by Arijit Singh in the same soundtrack are a bit too much to take!

Khamoshiyan. Four different composers whose songs all carry the same sound courtesy Bhatts. I look forward to the day this musical formula stops working for them just so they will let composers try something else.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10

Top Recos: Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na, Bheeg Loon

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