Postcard – Music Review (Marathi Movie Soundtrack)

You can listen to the songs at the end of the review, and even download them for free!

With a tune predominantly based on a raga that seldom fails to appeal (pilu/kaapi) and a set of brilliant artists to deliver it, composer Gandhaar has a clear winner in Aisi Mori. With her classical grounding, Nandini Srikar excels in her nuanced rendition of the song, with some fabulous backing particularly from Sarang Kulkarni on sarod and Vikram Bhat and Amey Parvate on tabla. In a shorter, faster alternate version, Gandhaar presents the song in a totally different format. Not as effective in comparison, but the singer Shruti Vishwakarma definitely is.

Bebas Mere features a voice not heard in a long time – Kavita Krishnamurti. And listening to her here, one wonders why – the lady still sounds as brilliant as she ever did. As if to prove that point, the composer keeps the background at a minimal level, letting the lady own the pensive piece with a performance that features some beautiful improvisations (starting on raag bhupeshwari/vaasanti, before branching out, as confirmed by Nandini and the composer himself). The soundtrack’s only Marathi song goes to Hariharan (apparently the other songs appear in situations that necessitate Hindi songs). Nili Shai’s lovely folk base is instantly appealing, and the simple arrangement backs it up well, headlined by that very sing along-ish chorus section. And the singing by Hariharan is the icing on the cake.

After being in the music industry for 8-9 years, Postcard is Gandhaar’s debut film soundtrack. And what a debut! Short, but thoroughly impressive work this! Hope to hear more from the man.

Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10

Top Recos: Just four tracks anyway. 🙂

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