Jal – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

You can listen to the soundtrack here (link via @Prakshid).

Suzanne D’Mello’s rendition is totally in keeping with the chill-out-ish feel that composers Sonu Nigam and Bickram Ghosh create in You Fill My Life. The other fusion-based inclusions strewn across the song gel in very well – sarod, harmonica, and most importantly Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan’s classical sections – this song could easily fit into a Buddha Bar compilation. I don’t know if it is voice processing or his famed mimicry skills, but Sonu Nigam sounds quite different in Zaalima. Apart from that and the fact that Bickram Ghosh demonstrates the different percussion instruments at his disposal, the song doesn’t have much else in terms of redeeming qualities. Paani Si Behti Jaaye is singer Ambarish Das’ show as he delivers a short yet immensely impactful performance. The best of the vocal tracks however is the title song, the composers creating a rich, dark fabric of sounds to which Shubha Mudgal adds her powerful vocals (ahir bhairav/chakravaakam raaga, possibly).

The 18 mostly instrumental tracks that presumably form the background score of the movie are also included in the soundtrack for a change. And as expected, a lot of them are situational in their appeal. A lot of them are owned by Bickram Ghosh and his band of percussionists – most prominent of which are Chase and Anger,  both replete with a multitude of drums and bols brought together in a engaging fashion. Ankhiyan – Anthem picks up Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan’s classical bit from You Fill My Life and builds on it pretty much in tune with the first song, except with an additional sarangi layer that neatly complements Ustad’s singing. Other tracks which score beyond their functional nature are The Sweet Dream of Water, Mesmerized by Rann and Dried Up Tears – the first two for their lovely folk base and a delightful combination of instruments (particularly in the latter; the ghatam, flute and what I imagine to be the ravanhatta). And Dried Up Tears for its melancholic tune soulfully conveyed on the sarod.

Jal. Bickram Ghosh and Sonu Nigam bring together their musical sensibilities (more of Bickram’s, perhaps) to produce an eclectic score.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Jal De, Mesmerized by Rann, You Fill My Life, Dried Up Tears

Full credits

1) Jal De:
Singer: Shubha Mudgal
Supporting Vocals: Mudasir Ali
Lyrics: Sonu Nigam
Additional Lyrics: Sanjeev Tiwari
Programming: Tubby and Parikh
Additional Strings programming : Sonu Nigam
Tabla and additional rhythm programming : Bickram Ghosh
Back-up vocals : Sonu Nigam, Bickram Ghosh and Sanjay Chitale
2)You fill my life
Singers:Ustaad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Suzanne,
Hindi lyrics by Sonu Nigam,
English Lyrics by Bickram Ghosh,
Programming and Mouth organ by Sonu Nigam
Sarod: Prateek Shrivastava

3) Zaalima
Singer: NTT
Programming by Sonu Nigam
Tablas, Djembe and Darboukka :Bickram Ghosh

All songs recorded and mixed by Pramod Chandorkar at Sound Ideaz studio and Sonu Nigam’s studio.
Instrumental tracks :
4)Bakka pani de
5)The mirage and the Tornado
6)The sweet dream of water
7)Mesmerized by Rann
8) The Tragedy of Rann
9)The Barren land
10) The cry of the soul
11) Dried up tears
12)Nature and the machine
13)Ankhiyan anthem ;water at last
14)The water ritual 1
15)The water ritual 2
16)The Hope of water
17)The Flow of water
18)The sorrow within
19)Bakkaand kesar; The Tryst with water
20)song Paani si behti jaye
Singer: Ambarish Das
Nagaras : Greg Ellis
Mridangam: Pt .S.Sekhar
Djembes, frame drums, Handsonic, voices : Bickram Ghosh

22) Anger
Darboukka : Greg Ellis
Djembes, Wavedrum, duff and other framedrums, voices : Bickram Ghosh
Background Score:

Melody Programming for BGM by Indrajit Dey

Song: Paani si behti jaye
Singer: Ambarish Das
Lyrics: Sanjeev Tiwari
Song :Pani gyata re: Dipannita Acharya
Lyrics: Traditional

Bickram Ghosh:Tablas, Darboukkas, Djembes, Kanjeera, Udukka, Frame Drums, Shakers, Bongos, Handsonic and Wavedrum and all Rhythm Programming for background.


Greg Ellis : Frame Drums, Nagaras, Udu, DulcimerSantoor, ( melody on Santoor composed by Greg Ellis)

Cahon: Pete Locket

Mridangam: Pt.S.Sekhar

Flute: Shekhar Deori

Arabic Violin: Djamel Beynelles

Duduk and Oboe: Vachagan Tadevosyan

Sarod: Prateek Shrivastava
Sitar : abhishek mallik

Tar Shehnai:Bhaskar Roy

Shakuhachi : Brian Ritchie
Background Vocals:
Sukanya Ghosh
Dipannita Acharya
Ambarish Das
Nirmalya Roy
Sounak Chattopadhyay
Background Score :
Recorded by Shamik GuhaRoy at Bickram Ghosh Studios , Kolkata .
Mixed by Shamik GuhaRoy and Mastered by Pramod Chandorkar at Sound Ideaz Studio, Mumbai

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