Music Aloud just turned five!!

5th anniversary logoFive years have passed since that day in a relatively jobless third term of MBA, when we decided to open this space to share our thoughts on music from all around. A lot of things have changed on Music Aloud from then till now, a lot owing to lack of time on our hands.  But we sure as hell know that we shall continue to do our bit in promoting Indian music and musicians for a long time to come.

The fifth year has been our most eventful year yet, from the OKListen Mixtapes to the On Sound Cloud 9 series to our first blog award nominations, one of which we won. And this sixth year we begin by ticking off a long long pending item on our to-do list; something you would have noticed already by now; our new, lighter design! We have more things in store for you, but for now please take a look around and let us know your thoughts about Music Aloud’s new avatar. 🙂

So here’s hoping for many more years of Music Aloud, hopefully well beyond that indicated by the dial in the logo (which by the way is @AbyssMallu’s idea and @CookyDoh’s execution. Beers for Cooky in return; nothing for Abyss since he is one of Music Aloud). We shall keep updating our facebook, twitter, youtube and soundcloud channels with loads of good music so do keep a tab on those.


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