Shaadi Ke Side Effects – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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You can listen to the soundtrack at the end of the review (link via @Prakshid)

The overdose of techno elements makes the Punjabi dance number Harry’s Not a Brahmachari a cacophonous affair. Good job by the vocalists Divya Kumar and Jazzy B though. Not that much of all this would matter in the discotheques. The Original Song version isn’t much different in its effect, just that the techno elements are presented slightly differently. Oh and that’s not all, there is also a Remix! What value it adds in this case though, I have no clue. The second dance track is more imaginatively handled, Pritam reprising his own Pyaar Karke Pachtaaya but this time with lyricist Mayur Puri turning it into a married man’s woes – Tauba Main Vyah Karke Pachtaaya. The arrangement features some fab use of shehnai, built around the wedding template. On the vocals, Shahid Mallya is in top form delivering a well-nuanced, energetic performance. The rap-styled wifely rant by Poorvi Koutish is annoying at times though. The Punjabi Version has the lyrics more Punjabicized, and Arif Lohar in the lead, otherwise follows the original version pretty much. Desi Romance is a curious concoction – a breezy Pritam-standard melody that takes on techno-laden remix-y twists in between. Suchi and Arijit are flawless in their singing, Suchi being particularly brilliant.

Where the music of Shaadi Ke Side Effects really scores though is in the other half. Pritam gets the movie’s main man Farhan Akhtar to croon Yahaan Wahaan, a rendition in which his voice is interestingly devoid of the characteristic rough edges. And then there is a very likeable melody that is given the right treatment by the composer. Farhan sounds more like his usual self in the Reprise Version which features a spruced up arrangement, neat electric guitar solos and all. With its festive arrangement rich on brass and violins and Nikhil Paul George, Neeti Mohan and Mili Nair’s fluent rendition of the groovy tune, Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya is one delightfully addictive package! In the end comes Bawla Sa SapnaSwanand Kirkire’s cute story of Sapna and his son Sapnu, conveyed exceptionally well by Mohit Chauhan. In keeping with the fairy tale theme Pritam lends the arrangement a dreamy quality led by the strings, and an interesting Caribbean undertone. You would think the song couldn’t sound any better, but you would be wrong. Because The Children Come To Sing led by Diva and give a thoroughly endearing rendition of the same piece, especially because the lyrics go so beautifully with the kids’ voices. Finally there is Ahista Ahista by guest composer Mikey McCleary and written by Ankur Tewari. Superbly arranged by Mikey, making splendid use of strings. Where it gets a raw deal though is in Farhan Akhtar‘s singing of the song.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects.  Pritam trumps his own work in the first part (Pyaar Ke Side Effects) with a well-crafted set of songs.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Bawla Sa Sapna, Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya, Yahaan Wahaan

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