Jilla – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

Jilla posterDespite the towering presence of SP Balasubramaniam and Shankar Mahadevan on vocals, the high point of Paattu Onnu remains composer Imman’s arrangement; particularly the interplay between electric guitars and chenda. Barring that and a few other imaginative moments, the song is just standard mass material that the singers have little difficulty in pulling off. Jingunamani too follows the dance template to the tee, with some interesting touches by the composer like the North East folk-ish hook that plays on the kazoo (I think). Sunidhi Chauhan and Ranjith do their part superbly behind the mic. The third dance track Yeppa Maama Treat falls flat though, courtesy a middling and repetitive arrangement. Even the vocals by the composer, A V Pooja and Snigdha Chandra are processed enough to make them uninteresting.

Imman the singer does a far better job in Verasa Pogayile with his lazy rendition of the immensely hummable melody, even as Imman the composer outdoes him with a brilliantly layered arrangement that sees a beautiful blend of guitars and violins and chorus and whistles. Another lovely melody follows in Kandaangi Kandaangi, once again replete with sweeping violins and choral sections. The vocals are Shreya Ghoshal’s show all the way while Vijay does a passable job on his part. Jilla Theme is strictly functional in the first half; where it gets interesting is in the second half when the composer turns it into a full blown panchavadyam!

Composer Imman delivers a soundtrack that totally lives up to the hype surrounding Jilla. Now to see how the movie turns out.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Verasa Pogayile, Kandaangi Kandaagi, Jingunamani

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