Bullett Raja – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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Tamanche Pe Disco is very recognizably RDB; its Punjabi dance template offering nothing particularly new. Among the remaining tracks, all of which are composed by Sajid Wajid, title song sung by Wajid too is severely templatized like the RDB song, this time with kuthu style elements. But this one makes for a marginally better listen for the lines (by Sandeep Nath) and due to some interesting touches from the composers (like the mock bullet sounds).  Satake Thoko tries to roll multiple interesting, retro-ish sounds into one piece but fails to work equally well as a complete package. Spirited efforts from Keerthi Sagathia and Danish Sabri though. The item number girl Mamta Sharma gets another one on the lines on her usual songs, and she sings it with her usual flair. But once again the song is so heard-before there is only so long that it has you engaged. Jai Govinda Jai Gopala fares better among the lot, but one is more Pritam than Sajid Wajid, a feel accentuated by the presence of Neeraj Sridhar at the helm (Bhool Bhulaiya in particular, due to the Hare Govinda chants et al). The remix too is the regular electronic stuff. Saamne Hai Savera is where the composers get it almost 100% right. A breezy melody in Shreya Ghoshal’s honey-sweet vocals interspersed well with Bonnie Chakraborty’s baul portions. The arrangement too sees deft use of strings with that hint of brass in places. Only thing that goes awry is Wajid joining the vocalists towards the end, seemingly channeling his inner Kumar Sanu.

Bullett Raja. The usual fare from Sajid Wajid. And RDB.

Music Aloud Rating: 6/10

Top Recos: Saamne Hai Savera, Jai Govinda Jai Gopala, Bullett Raja

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