Best of Coke Studio At MTV Season 3

coke studio at mtv logoThe third season of Coke Studio at MTV came to a close yesterday. Technically it ended at episode 8 itself since there was nothing new that came on the show in the last two episodes. At the end of season 2, I had done a compilation listing 10 best songs from the season. Of course, these were 10 of my favorites from the season, and the songs I end up frequently rerunning from the season extended beyond this 10. A lot of friends who checked out my list too would invariably ask me later for more songs from the season.

And so..this time I have decided to extend the list a bit, giving you 15 of my favorites from Season 3. The season may not have maintained the high it started off on till it ended, but it did have a fair share of lovely music to offer us from pretty much every episode (though on consistency I would rate Season 2 higher than this edition). So here are my 15. Not saying anything about the songs since that has already been done in the individual reviews. And no ranking either, just like last year. Just the song videos in alphabetical order and a full playlist at the end. Do share your thoughts about the list if you will!


And finally the playlist.

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Vipin says:

Papon’s was my top favorite, yes. 🙂

Vipin says:

Not among my top 15. 🙂

Vipin says:

You are talking of Unplugged, not Coke Studio.

anand chaphekar says:

the one episode of A.R. Rehman featuring Neeti Mohan was mindblowing. The song Nenjekulle by the latter was very much The Rehman kind…!!!

Ritesh K says:

hey, Would have liked to see Margat on the list..

Loved the list, Papon the clear winner? 🙂


Anubhav Pyasi says:

Where is Rahman’s Zariya & Naan Yen ? Definitely “Zariya” was one of the best from CSS-3.

Vini says:

Hey where’s Papon’s “Khumaar”? Definitely deserved to be in this list…I think.