Khiladi 786 – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Lonely starts off quite promisingly, with an interesting mix of instruments backing Yo Yo Honey Singh’s rap. Then the O Bawariya hook came in and spoiled it for me. Himesh Reshammiya makes his already nasal tone extra nasal for some apparent comic effect, but it didn’t work for me one bit. Even Hamsika Iyer’s cameo is lost in between. The remix is the usual dance-y fare, except it is mostly around Himesh’s vocals. Balma has its interesting use of percussion and the vocals by Shreya Ghoshal and Shriram working in favor of the song, and I might have considered this a good tribute to Pancham if not for the lyrics and the atrocious song video I happened to see a few days back. And stripped of the interesting elements in the arrangement, the remix is avoidable. Long Drive is a standard Punjabi tune set to a techno-rock background, and very cringeworthy lyrics. The only standout factor about the song is Mika Singh’s super energetic singing. The bhangra remix matches Mika’s singing better, but once again the datedness of the tune works against it.

With a hook that seems like the Canon, Saari Saari Raat has a soothing charm about it. If you manage to mute out Himesh Reshammiya’s singing that is. This song would have been a winner had it been sung by someone else, but alas. Hookah Bar offers no such room for regret though; it is annoying on all counts – middling arrangement, bad lyrics, processed voices. The remix further processes the already processed vocals. Barring those melodic interventions, the title song seems to be modeled on the likes of Dabangg title, which in turn had seemed to be modeled on Omkara title. Not half bad, this song featuring Vineet Singh, Aman Trikha, Yashraj Kapil, Alamgir Khan and Rajdeep Chatterjee. Even the remix is fairly engaging in that it doesn’t overdose on techno elements. Tu Hoor Pari, like Long Drive, relies on the vocalists (Chandrakala Singh, Javed Ali, Shreya Ghoshal, Harshdeep Kaur) to prop it above the commonplace Punjabi tune. And since the lyrics aren’t as bad as the latter, this one works better.

Khiladi 786. One of the better soundtracks from Himesh Reshammiya in recent times. Would have been even better if not for his vocals, but guess that is never going to stop.

Music Aloud Rating – 6/10

Top Recos –  Khiladi, Tu Hoor Pari, Balma

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Rohith says:

Most of songs are copied.

Vipin says:

@Sun/Sumit: I have mentioned that saari saari raat has good arrangement. but the singing does not work for me; call me whatever you want. if that voice works for you for a song like this, enjoy. i cannot.

Vipin says:

@vaibhi: Sreeram was good yes. He is one of the Indian Idol winners.

vaibhi says:

I loved that Balma song to be honest.!! though i felt Shreya didn’t felt the song as she could have, the boy who sung the song totally took me by surprise.!! I guess his name is Sreeram.! he was totally into the song.. Loved his singing,!

Vipin says:

@Rohith: some of the arrangements worked better for me here than his recent work elsewhere.

Vipin says:

🙂 thanks.

sumit sinha says:

What??? what r u talking dude….Saari Saari raat is the best song in the album…gr8 composition and have different style of singing…And album is definitely a chartbuster.

Rohith says:

“One of the better soundtracks from Himesh Reshammiya in recent times” what? this album is utter crap. even SOS was better than this.

Sun says:

Pls brush up your reviewing skills for heaven’s sake

The Best of the Lot has to be “Saari Saari Raat”….
Besides u r not a reviewer,
U are a Himesh basher…

I am not a Himesh Fan, but yaa, this shoddy review cements the fact that u are a Himesh basher…

Learn something before turn upto penning !!

I damn agree… I was not expecting much from this film music-wise, But I surprised after hearing the songs. I hated Balma for the visuals but started liking the song after hearing the whole song. And Lonely Night, in the visuals itself showing Akshay mocking Himesh by singing his nasal voice. My fav’s are those three picks u hv mentioned and the Hookah Bar… 🙂
Over all a good review bro 🙂 Keep It Up 🙂