Adele’s Skyfall Theme full version is out!

Just two days after the 90 second preview was leaked and just a few hours before its official launch (at 0:07 GMT), full version of songstress Adele’s theme song for Skyfall, 23rd entrant to the James Bond movie family, is all over the internet. The song, written by the singer with Paul Epsworth, is every bit a Bond theme with Adele sticking to the yesteryear formula in the orchestration, even the classic Bond hook present in the backdrop all through. While for that very reason it lacks the freshness that Adele’s compositions generally have, it is quite something to hear the lady’s seductive voice tower over the 77-piece orchestra. And repeat or not, it is a Bond theme at the end of it; the charm is almost always there.

You can listen to the song here. Or wait till the official launch, if you aren’t that curious.

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