Friday – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

The point where Vijay Yesudas takes over from the folksy thottam-like verse (could not find the name of the singer) with the opening lines of Olathil Chaanchaadi, is one of those moments that the singer’s voice seems to have attained the exact same quality as his dad’s. Of course the said high does not last for long, but the song is delivered beautifully by the singer with ample support at the right places by the folk singer. And with a sublime arrangement neatly combining the folk percussion with the other western instruments, debutant composer Roby Abraham starts off well. The lullaby that follows, Aaraaro Aaromale too has a nice arrangement and a soothing tune, but doesn’t score as high as the first one. Got the feeling that Reshmi Satheesh might not have been the best choice for a song of this genre, her singing didn’t quite work for me here. With Sugandha Neerala the case is reversed, the arrangement follows a pretty commonplace romantic melody route here. What avoids the song from being an entirely tepid affair is the singing by Najeem Arshad and Gayathri Ashok. The best of the soundtrack is the interestingly titled Nlaavaay Pookkum, Roby using a rousing rock-flavored orchestration to back Anoop Shanker’s soulful rendition.

The new crop of Malayalam composers get another promising addition in Roby Abraham with Friday 11.11.11 – Alappuzha. You can listen to the previews of the songs below (full song video in case of Sugandha Neerala)

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Nlaavaay Pookkum, Olathil Chaanchaadi, Sugandha Neerala

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