Life Is Beautiful – Music Review (Telugu Movie Soundtrack)

With a very routine pop arrangement and the voice of KK rendering the song, the title song has pretty much nothing new to offer us. The only surprise element remains the Carnatic (bilahari raga?) violin piece in the second interlude, but that is too short to be impactful anyway. Feel good song, no doubt, but hardly any freshness. The alternate version sung by Sreeram Chandra (Indian Idol?) sounds better in fact, with a spunkier orchestration. Beautiful Girl is a step ahead; though again pop-based it sounds fresher, and Karthik never fails with his singing. The arrangement rises above the ordinary for the nifty touches provided by composer Mickey J Meyer; I particularly liked that mandolin/guitar-based Carnatic solo (shankarabharanam or some derivative thereof, I think).

A second song from Sreeram Chandra, Atu Itu Ooguthu, another pleasant tune that is good while it lasts, but bears every sign of getting tiresome after a couple of listens. The singer interestingly sounds like KK in places. More feel good-ness follows with It’s Your Love, and in this case Naresh Iyer is pretty much the reason for the song’s charm. And the soundtrack ends on yet another melody, Amma Ani Kothaga. While Sashi Kiran and Sravana Bhargavi are excellent on the vocals, the composer’s mellow classical-based (shankarabharanam raga) arrangement complements them and the soft tune beautifully.

When an entire soundtrack is comprised of feel-good romantic melodies, in most cases it either turns out to be an absolute winner, or an absolute dud. Mickey J Meyer’s score for Life Is Beautiful takes the middle road.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10

Top Recos: Amma Ani Kothaga, Beautiful Girl, It’s Your Love.

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