Superheavy’s Third Single – Mahiya

Superheavy is out with their third single – Mahiya (thanks a lot to @shaneem for the info). Quite obviously this is also a work from A R Rahman, evident from the predominantly Hindi/Urdu-based lyrics rendered by ARR. The sinister Arabic-tinged arrangement also bears ARR elements. And to be frank, I like this song best of the three singles. But, I must add, as an Indian fan of ARR. The song is very Indian in its sound barring the brief cameos from Joss Stone and Damien Marley, so it is bound to appeal to us. I am not very sure how the Western audience will take it though. And no sign of Jagger, beginning to wonder if his role is primarily to add to the brand value. In any case, you can listen to the song here.

Priscila says:

I’m occidental and I love Mahiya. It sounds sad and pretty. Beautiful.