GIMA 2011 Nominations Announced

Over a year back when I first read about the initiative called Global Indian Music Awards by Wizcraft International Entertainment, I was really glad. For a change, here was a music award that would recognize the contributions of all levels of technicians in music, and some unique categories like the Best Anti-piracy initative and so on. And when the jury consisted of such veterans such as Dr. L. Subramaniam, Shubha Mudgal, Vishal Bhardwaj, Hariharan etc, it indeed looked as if the deserving would be recognized for a change. In fact in 2010 they did too, barring minor glitches like Tulsi Kumar winning the Best Debut in Non-Film Category.

But today I happened to go through the nominations for this year. Seriously, what is it that I missed in Dabangg‘s music?  It was OK when other commercial awards lauded it and even gave Munni Song of the Year (!), but the last thing I expected out of GIMA nominations was to see Dabangg in EVERY film-based category! I won’t comment much on the non-film section as a lot of albums there I have not heard, but it was gladdening to see Ranjit Barot (Bada Boom), Band Called Nine (Rewind), Akriti Kakar (Akriti) et al on the list. But the film category is a shocker. Not a mention of Aisha, Ishqiya or Lamhaa. Vasuda Sharma‘s debut in Shahrukh Bola.., Sohail and Simaab Sen’s work in Khele Hum.. all have been ignored. Instead, we have Sheila and Munni vying for Best Film Song, and Tees Maar Khan on the list of Best Album nominations. Udaan and Raavan have been given a consolation nod in the form of BGM nominations. I am pretty sure when the awards are announced a major chunk will go to Dabangg. Disappointed, very disappointed. In any case, you can see the nominee list here: film, non-film