Sona Mohapatra’s Womens Day Tribute to Mirabai

Folk fusion singer Sona Mohapatra, as an International Women’s Day special, has released on youtube two videos from her performance in Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur. The songs, called Shaam Piya and Mharo Pranam, pays tribute to the mystical poet Mirabai, using the lyrics from one of her own poems. The first song, like all Mirabai’s poems, pertains to love, and composer Ram Sampath beautifully captures the essence of the song with a simple folksy tune ensconced in a soft bluesy arrangement. With such talent why this man never made it big in movie composition shall always remain a mystery to me! Sona has already proven folk to be among her core competencies (in case of Bollywood music followers who do not know Sona, she sang the folk portion of Bahara from IHLS) and delivers this one to perfection. The second song has a more classical touch to it (raag Kalyan I am guessing) both in tune and arrangement. Another absorbing track this one, but this time primarily owing to the vocals. Sona promised a treat for Women’s day, and she gives one. My playlist for the day nevertheless shall feature more of Shaam Piya than Mharo Pranam. Below are the two videos. Enjoy! And Happy Women’s Day to all ladies out there! 🙂 Below are the two videos.