Apna Tendulkar – Divine Raaga’s Tribute Song to Sachin

Happened to listen to this tribute song to Sachin Tendulkar titled Apna Tendulkar. Divine Raaga, a Bangalore-based fusion-rock outfit, are the people behind the song which they called the “official Sachin Tendulkar tribute song”. The band apparently gifted the DVD to Sachin day before yesterday. All the Sachin sentiments apart, I am interested to know how this became “official”. The song has got an amateurish touch all about it, whether it be the video or the mixing or the arrangement. The vocalist has done a decent job, and the music is generally feel-good, but apart from that there is nothing special about the track. For a band that is supposed to be fusion rock, the song surprisingly lacks any element of fusion; or I am missing their definition of fusion. In all, a pretty ordinary attempt from Divine Raaga, which will be helped to a great extent by the subject it deals with, and the World Cup season. I hope they have got some stuff up their sleeves to sustain the audience they gain from this. You can watch the song here.

Sourav says:

@ABC: LOL… u rilly did smack dat 1 rite thru d covers, mate

@Hirnaxi: I am also so so exciting. Don’t control by anyone. I make u happy… love, Sachin 😀

hi sachin i an Hirnaxi. when i hear in radio India is won
i am so exciting. i couldn’t control by myself.

I am so happy.

VIP says:

sure thing.. 🙂

Ananyabrata Chakravorty says:

@Anirudh: Thanks mate 🙂 n also please listen to ‘EK’ and ‘Maula’. I hope you will love those songs of ours ! Bdw…’EK’ has a video too.

@VIP: Thanks man ! Well that ‘official’ thing was meant a certain way and was interpreted differently by you. So, we get it now, that others too might find the meaning to be similar to the way you found it.

So…POINT TAKEN…and we changed it to ‘The Official Divine Raaga Tribute to Sachin Tendulkar’. I hope you find this better.

Please continue to come up wit your insights. That’s certainly gonna help us improve.


Anirudh Patil says:

@ABC: I love that line “The Official Che Guevara t-shirts by Nike”. Perfectly captures what you are trying to say. I am waiting for your future work. Good luck!

VIP says:

@Ananyabrata: No offense meant with any of my statements I assure you. I was just voicing my opinion. Sorry for mistaking this for your debut song. Shall definitely give a listen to your other two songs. But I am sure you cannot blame me for not finding this song in alignment with the genre you have classified yourselves under. And I did not judge your potential at any point. All my opinions were strictly pertaining to this song. Music Aloud as a site is all for new bands, and I was only expressing hope that your other songs turn out better than this one, which, you yourself have said in the comment, apparently are.
As for the “official” part given the flavor of the season would naturally make one think of stuff like Rahman’s official CWG theme, or SEL’s official World Cup theme. Hope you get my idea. 🙂
All the best for your future projects.

Ananyabrata Chakravorty says:

Hey VIP…

First of all…thanx…coz you are only helping the band grow through your criticism !

Well, so far as fusion is concerned, you might just like to listen to ‘Maula’ and ‘Ek’, two of Divine Raaga’s compositions. Just google ‘Divine Raaga’ and you will have links lined up.
Also, therefore, the tribute song to Sachin is not our Debut song.

The song and the video got done in just 4 days…and I guess the band did a decent job in completing the song on time and finally gifting it personally to the master himself on the 4th of March. I guess most other musicians wouldn’t have considered taking up such a challenge.

Therefore, I guess we shouldn’t try and judge the band’s potential through this song. The songs I mentioned earlier are classier than this. This one is more of a ‘mass-appeal’ or a ‘commercial’ number.

Thanks again for considering the band important enough for your post.
Please keep inspiring Divine Raaga.

And ya…one more thing…how would you interpret the following sentence..
“The Official Che Guevara t-shirts by Nike” ???
I hope we answered you. Sleepwell.

-ABC (Lyricist and Manager, Divine Raaga)