Thank You – Music Review

Changing pretty much everything except the title hook and the female chorus of the 1986 original it borrows from, Pritam creates a techno-Punjabicized remix of Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo to kick off Thank You, thereby diluting the Arabic feel that so formed the soul of the original. Even Mika’s vocals, in all his exuberance, are a weak replacement for Sapna. Abhijit Vaghani’s remix, though a seemingly redundant exercise at the onset, in fact conforms more to the original, Vaghani nicely incorporating an Arabic flavor to the proceedings, but the techno elements still make it a pale shadow of the original. Master Saleem and Ritu Pathak’s Razia is another techno-soaked remix-like track showing potential of being a hit at dance floors. On the musical front though, there is only the quality of the vocalists that goes for it. The song might have worked better in an un-electronic form. In this case Vaghani’s remix is truly a superfluous track. Full Volume has a reduced percentage of electronics in it, though ends up sounding a rehashed version of Chor Bazaari coz of the arrangement and Neeraj Shridhar. Richa Sharma is pretty much wasted in her attempt to sound retro by being nasal. The remix by Harry Anand is a pretty lame job.

Sonu Nigam does a brilliant mimicry of Shabbir Kumar’s voice in the title track (My Heart Is Beating), but that is pretty much the only interesting part of the (once again) techno-infused track. Harry Anand does another absolutely unnecessary remix for the song. It is only in the closing track that the composer reassumes his usual self. The arrangement of Pyaar Mein, though Latino in a definitively Pritam-esque manner, is haunting nevertheless, and comes as a welcome change after the techno orgy! And Javed Ali and Neeraj Shridhar do a clean job of the vocals as well. Thankfully, no remix for this one.

Director Aneez Bazmee seems to have drawn inspiration from some flick like Housefull (which also featured a classic-remix and a Shabbir Kumar track incidentally!) in getting Pritam to create this electronic-dominated soundtrack for Thank You. Bad idea, as it turns out.

Music Aloud Rating — 6/10

Recommended Tracks — Pyaar Mein, Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo

funnyguy says:

Pretty much summed up what was going on in my mind while hearing this techno orgy.
Great review 🙂